Frequently asked questions

I want to intern at Cosmo. How do I do that?
We get hundreds of requests to intern every week. If you want your application to be considered, send your CV along with a cover letter stating why you want to spend some time at Cosmo, what you think you could learn and how you think you could help the team. Send this to

I’m a writer and I want my story to be published in Cosmo. How can I make this happen?
Send your story or pitch idea to so we can see if it’s something that will work for us.

How did Team Cosmo get their jobs?
One thing everyone on Team Cosmo has in common is a love for magazines and a willingness to work our socks off! Every one of us is super-determined and has worked our way up from the very bottom. Most of us started out by working for free, just to get a foot in the door. From there, we became interns, then juniors on magazines. We each have at least 10 years’ experience in women’s magazines. See, it pays to work your way up!

I want to appear in a story in Cosmo. Is this possible?
Of course! Send us an email ( telling us a little about yourself (age, job, relationship status) and a photo. We’ll get in touch when we have the perfect feature for you.