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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Want to meet Kim Kardashian when she visits Dubai next week?

Cosmo and Sephora are giving five readers the chance to meet the famous Kardashian (as well as take home a Dhs500 gift hamper from Sephora on October 15 in Sephora, The Dubai Mall.

Just tell us here what you’d say to Kim if you had the chance to meet her!

Good luck!

PS Don't forget to leave your name!


Anonymous said...

What's your best beauty and fitness advice? You always look so glam!

Nel said...

I'd tell her that she's better than Paris Hilton in beauty and brain. AND the fact that she doesn't put up a crappy baby-talk like Paris, makes her (Kim) better to hear anyday.

nehaindahouse [@]

Gail Westley said...

What's your best beauty and fitness advice? You always look so glam! (Mine was the anonymous post above)

Saima Khan said...

I would compliment her for being such a glamorous icon for our generation of sexy females with curves. She makes us feel good about not being a size zero!

Nools N said...

Hey Kim- both your sisters have appeared on the cover of Cosmo magazine. Would you do the Cosmo team a grand favor and grace the cover too and share your beauty secrets? :)

Delaine said...

I would be like "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,And their like, It's better than yours, Damn right it's better than yours,I can teach you, But I have to charge...


Nadya&Wahiba said...

Would all 5 of you sisters love to do a cover on Cosmo middle east?

& since Khloe & Lamar have their own Perfume, will you & Kris make 1 of ur own?


Mak said...

What's the worst beauty disaster that happened to you?

Mak S

Farah A. Mo said...

What's the secret to scoring a hot hunk like you did? ;P

Farah A.M

Anonymous said...

I would tell her she is very pretty and you are my idol so please tell me the secret of ur beauty and sexy figure...How does she carry herself so well..
Krupa Chauhan

Mouna G said...

Dear Kim- did you know we have the Arabic version of you and your sisters in Dubai? They are called the Kattan sisters and Huda looks so much like you :-D

Mouna Gaffar

Najoom said...

If you want to kiss or hug your husband, do you stand on a chair or something?


Anonymous said...

As the meeting will be in Sephora i would like to ask her: What treatments and beauty products you are using, and the secret of your butterfly lashes ?


Anonymous said...

Wow! You look Fashionably Fabulous. What's your best kept beauty secret?

Nawal R.

Chic said...

If you could pick one thing from this Sephora store, what would it be?

Chic Ab.

Nishali Shaikh said...

Three words for the beautiful Kimmy K - 'K'urvy, 'K'harismatic and 'K'reative!!!!

sikooky said...

I'd ask what was the inspiration behind her wedding dresses and her hair and makeup on the day! She looked AMAZING! And how fab were all 3!!! of her outfits!

P.s. I'd also tell her she's my fave celeb! <3

Sian Cook

Nylo said...

I'd ask her if she managed to learn Arabic in 10 days!!


Anonymous said...

Kim, how do you feel being a married woman? Has it changed your lifestyle? Do your fans drive your husband crazy?

Thank you,
Anna Solomina

Anonymous said...

I'd ask her, if she ever wears SPANX!

Jasmine P :)

RomeoandtheForgottenHearts said...

Due to the circumstances in where I would be meeting her, I would ask her about her beauty routine, what her make-up essentials are and what her fave edition of Cosmo is!

Soraya Beheshti

Mariam Bi said...

If your husband ever asked you to leave showbiz, would you? And what comes first- work or family?
Mariam Bi

Yousef said...

Spill a Paris secret that the media doesn't know about- c'mon Kim! heheh
Shaikh Yousef

Noura said...

Me saying to Kim: First of all, it is lovely to meet an entrepreneur and business women such as your self. I believe your fashion sense is very glamerous and I would love to know who's your fashion icon? and why is that person your fashion icon? When it comes to opening a business, what are the difficulties that you faced?

SamamaReza said...

If I get a chance to meet her I will ask her if she got a chance to change one thing in the world what will she change? What's her favorite color? & ask to share some of her childhood memories!

Name : Samama Reza
E-mail :

Anonymous said...

You always look fab and glam in whatever look. what is your best kept secret maintaining those fantastic and glowing skin?

Name: Emerita Silvino

Tahreer Alwan said...

If i met Kim Kardashian I would definitely ask her what she thinks of the lovely Dubai and its people since it's her first time she's been here! And of course whether she's come back again with her family next time!

Name = Tahreer Alwan

Naomi Rebello said...

If i met her i would tell her how amazing i think she is and then i'd tell her about how i thought her wedding was surreal and that i'm really happy for Kris and her ( The KUWTK ep would have aired by then ) . I would then tell her to forget about the haters too because they're just jealous shes done something useful with her life while they probably wont be successful.

P.S I know its long, but i have soo many things to say to her and i'll probably be soo overwhelmed and nervous i'll go into a rambling frenzy :P .

Name: Naomi Rebello
email address:

Denise said...

To Kim:
First of all let me Congratulate you on the Sears - Kardashian Kollection being such a huge hit in US & Canada. The collection is truly nothing short of AMAZING. Also, I LOVE your family and how close you all are. I love that you'll put each other before anyone or anything else. The most important question though, When will the girls of the Middle East be able to take advantage of the Kardashian Kollection? I am insanely IN LOVE with the entire collection :D

Name: Denise Lobo

Huma Sarfraz said...

Hey Kim, You always look so flawless! I’m sure there are millions of girls out there that would do anything to know your secrets for gorgeous hair, skin and makeup. Is there any possibility of a Kardashian hair product or makeup line in the near future? I even have a name you could use for your makeup line - Kiss Kosmetics!

Name: Huma Sarfraz

Mohaned Jaafar said...

I'd ask Kim Kardashian how does she keep up with all the social media craze concerning her? And how does she feel and deal with all the nonstop negativity she gets from the media and other people?


Mohaned Jaafar

DanaxSa said...

Hey Kim !

You struggled through a lot through your years of fame , yet you still manage to keep a smile on your face and face all the media haters , you're flawless and beautiful . Keep your head up high and wish you and Kris as well as your family the best for the coming years !

Name : Dana Salam
Email :

dyanne miguel said...

how is your married life>?did you miss being single?

Name:Diana Miguel

Mais Al-Baali said...

If I get lucky enough to meet up with Kim Kardashian I'd ask her whether she thinks of herself as a role model to other little girls who look up to her and consider her an inspiration. And what kind of advice would she give said girls if they want to be like her in the future =)

Thanks and regards,

Mais Al-Baali

Jacks D said...

Have you ever considered visiting or donating to some of the poorest countries of the world? There are a lot of underprivileged out there..

Ali B. said...

I would ask Kim Kardashian what do you think the future has in store for you and what do u want to accomplish further in life that you still haven't had the chance to achieve yet?

-Ali B.

Sabiha said...

I would tell her how beautiful she is and courageous and would hope she would give me some tips on her beauty secrets

Hamda H said...
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Hamda H said...

The first thing i would do is congratulate on all the hard work she has done to reach this point in her life ( I am really amazed by how hard she works and how Kris can manage all of the girls) and welcome her to Dubai. I will also definitely complement her taste in fashion and her beauty.

Anonymous said...

First i would tell her how gorgeous she is and then congratulate her on her marriage to chris(such a hottie) and then i would ask her, if there was one thing she could change about her life or herself, what would it be? - Nadine Abuzahra

Lana said...

Jacks D, I LOVE your comment! All the celebs just go around the countries, stay in posh hotels, buy designer clothes and not do what you posted. I think you should win but I dont know if you will ask Kim that question. :)

joya malik said...

kim have u ever thought why God has given u fame while there are hundreds thousands of beauties around.........?

AlReeM said...



Anonymous said...

what do yout think made you stand out among your sisters aside from your curves?;)


maurah said...

If I was to meet Kim Kardashian, I would say - You are a beautiful successful woman,who many you girls aspire to, Who did you aspire to when you were growing up and why?

Ranya said...

I just want to see that Jaw-Dropping 20.5 carat Diamond Ring, Want to just touch and feel that 2 million$ stone WOW!!! :O

- Ranya Jawed

Laura Flores said...

I would thank her so much for visiting her fans in UAE and giving us the joy of Million of Milkshakes, will tell her too that I hope she is enjoying Dubai and that we look forward for a Dash Store in here as well. Finally i would kindly ask her for an autograph in my Cosmo Mag May 2011 issue from UK where she is in the Cover.

Laura Flores

Shurooq Al Haremi said...

I would LOVE to say that she's such a true inspiration to all of us curvy mamacitas out there! She's my biggest inspiration, and i'd love to know a few advice on starting off with my own bushiness , and end up being successful just like her :) Seeing her is one of my goals! & I'd be the luckiest girl if it would happen! I LOVE YOU KIMSTER! <3
Shurooq Al- Haremi

Anonymous said...

I would say :
I like her for what she dose, for working hard & being as successful as she is, i think thats what inspires young women the most, besides her gorgeous look ;)

& i would ask her, how did u become "Kim Kardashian" ?


Nouria said...

I will tell her that she is awesome .. and she is fashion role model not only for me but for a generations of all working women all over the world !! She showed us that i women can be what ever she want to be with hard work .. !!

And i will tell her that meeting her was one of my dreams that come true with heelsinthedesert and Sephora ^^ !

Nouria said...

I will tell her that she is awesome .. and she is fashion role model not only for me but for a generations of all working women all over the world !! She showed us that i women can be what ever she want to be with hard work .. !!

And i will tell her that meeting her was one of my dreams that come true with heelsinthedesert and Sephora ^^ !


SamamaReza said...

If I get a chance to meet Kim I will ask her if she gets a chance to change one thing in the world what will she change? What's her favorite color? What's her lucky number?

Name : Samama Reza
E-mail :

Vani Ravichandran said...

Vani Ravichandran ,

If I get a chance a meet my dear and lovable KIM
.I will her that u r very sexy and glamorous keep it up and All the very best for your bright future.I would like to take a photograph with u to keep it with me for my life long memory.
Thank god and COSMO MIDDLE EAST for giving this chance to meet u :) Take Care KIM
Really I would like to meet her.
Thank you

Name : Vani Ravichandran

Dr. Fatima said...

First of all i will tell here that i am so happy to see her here in Dubai, UAE My country .. I welcome her with love and i will hope that she will have a nice time in Dubai ^^ ..

Then i will tell her that i always follow her news, styles and and fashion. I will tell her that she is very beautiful women but what i love the most about her that she is cleaver. I will tell her that the first i see in her is not her beauty but her mind. Everything she says, everything she do and everything she did all show how great person she is. All her achievements show that with hard work we can do everything we want. She is a role model for all women all over the world.

I well tell here that i am so happy that heels in the desert and Sephora give us this chance to see the Queen of heels here in DUBAI's desert.


Dr. Fatima

Mona said...

I'd ask Kim Kardashian how does she smile all the time when her life is so busy and her time is booked 24 hourly. How she deal with all this media around her and following her. I will ask her if she can go back in time what is the things that she will change ?

Mona said...

Kim, you are such an inspiration to girls like me. Like you, I was born with a little too much, and you showed that there is no need to hide them and be shamed of what I was born with.
I am much more comfortable in my body after seeing you, thank you.

Veronique Gregorec said...

If I had the chance to meet Kim Kardashian I would ask her :

- Did you imagine dubai being like that?
- Why did you choose to create a perfume?
- What did you want it to smell like?
- What is your favorite song and why :)
- When did you know you wanted to be famous :p
- If she could have dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be, and why

And tell her that:

She is an inspiration to a lot of girls. Her and her sisters revolutioned how girls look to themselves. Kim and her sisters,gave a lot of girls back the confidence they lost because of the pressure in our society. But thanks to Kim and the fact that she embraces her curves and body, a lot of girls, including me, realized that you dont need to hide yourself in baggy pants and large t shirts, but that you can rock a pencil skirt and ruffle shirt better than a girl without curves! I would thank her for that and I'd tell her that I keep on stealing her style, hope she doesnt mind ;)!!!


Anonymous said...

Vanilla or Chocolate?

- Anika Berger =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim

Looking glam as expected!So how do you find Dubai and Cosmopolitan as your choice for fashion advice? :)


Lai Yee Lee said...

Welcome to Dubai and congratulations on getting married to Kris!

I love you. Please may I have a photo and your autograph?? :)

Lai Yee Lee

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