The Great Man Survey

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wanna know what guys really think? All will be revealed in Cosmo's Great Man Survey!

Hey ladies, want to know what really goes through guys’ minds? Copy and paste the below survey and send it to your boyfriend, husband, guy friends and ask them to take part in Cosmo’s Great Man Survey! And don’t forget to get him to include in his email to us that it was you who convinced him to do it…because you’ll be in the running for a cool prize!

Below, you’ll find a stack of questions. Your guy can answer completely anonymously if he wishes. Otherwise, he should include his full name, age and a head shot with his reply (or make a note next to any specific questions that he’d like to remain anonymous for – we don’t want to put his safety on the line, after all). Also, we’d love if he were to add any of his personal comments along with your answers.

So without further ado…we present The Great Man Survey.

·         Who are you most attracted to – blondes, brunettes, redheads.

·         Would you prefer a pretty face or a hot body?

·         Is cellulite a turn-off?

·         What knickers do you prefer to see in the bedroom – thong, French-cut, bikini bottom, boy-leg.

·         Thoughts on false lashes – tacky or hot?

·         Thoughts on make-up – less or lots? Why?

·         What’s hottest in hair – short, long, curly, straight?

·         Curvy or super-thin? Why?

·         What do you notice first when you see a girl in a bikini – boobs, bum, tummy.

·         When you’re naked, what are you most insecure about – stomach, hair, birth marks, appendage size, nothing at all!

·         Thoughts on plastic surgery – “she should never do it” or “if it helps then why not?”

·         Piercings on a girl – hot or not?

·         Tattoos on a girl – hot or not?

·         Kim Kardashian’s butt or Pippa Middleton’s?

·         Would you prefer to see a girl in your button-down work shirt or your sports tee?

·         What do you think about most in a single day – food, sex, money, work, your appearance, your sports team.

·         Would you prefer your wife took your surname? Why?

·         Would you rather marry a woman 20 years older than you or 20 pounds heavier than you?

·         You text her, she texts right back. Efficient or desperate?

·         If a girl could only have two of the following qualities, what would they be? Good-looking, smart, caring, fun.

·         When are you most likely to zone out – when she talks about her day, when she tells you about her shopping trip, talking about her friends’ dilemmas, when she’s annoyed with you, when the game is on TV.

And on to the ‘Would you rather’ game

Would you rather:

·         Lose a limb or lose a testicle
·         Have no hair or have Trump hair
·         Be as smart as Bill Gates or be as hot as Ryan Reynolds
·         Drive a sports car or live in a mansion
·         Night in with your lady or out with the lads?
·         Buff body or gorgeous face
·         Marry Anne Hathaway or get dirty with Rihanna?

Please reply to so all answers will be treated in the most confidential manner.

Looking forward to being enlightened, guys!

Team Cosmo xx 


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