Madonna… Is The Show Finally Over?

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hands up to watched the American Superbowl overnight. Keep your hand raised if you sat through Madonna’s half-time ‘performance’. And finally, keep that arm up in the air if you think someone should quietly whisper to the superstar “Hey Madge, the show is over, say goodbye”.

The queen of pop wheeled out some pretty big names to help her through her mega-watt show, including the likes of Nicki Manaj, M.I.A and Cee Lo Green, who popped up thoughout the 10-minute production.
It was Cee Lo who hit the high notes in Like A Prayer, while an acrobat whose highly-charged tight-rope performance only highlighted Madonna’s lack of her own choreography and mobility, and it was MIA whose expletive shouted into the audience was the only reminder of the Madonna we used to love (you know, the one who didn’t try so hard). There was a particularly concerning moment when Madge tried to hoist herself onto a higher step, only to fail not once, not twice, but three times before giving it one more heave-ho and climbing to the higher height.

Madonna is 53. Now, before you accuse me of being ageist or calling Queen Madge ‘old’, hear me out. I’m suggesting that at 53, and the mother of a 14-year-old daughter (not to mention 11-year-old Rocco, six-year-old David and four-year-old Mercy), Madonna should perhaps reconsider doing backflips in a g-string in front of millions of people, no? I’m certainly not suggesting she should call time on her career and book herself into a nursing home, but perhaps she should spare a thought for what her grinding and gyrating on live TV will mean for teenage daughter Lourdes at school tomorrow. Just a thought.

So, what do you reckon?


Anonymous said...

Agree completly:-) game over madonna, leave while you still on a high..

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